Recording, mixing and mastering engineer at The Groove Factory Studio. Producer, songwriter and lyricist.


I’ve been working in the world of music business since 2003 and I started to write and record my first tracks way earlier. Along with my studies, real experience on the field has always been the best way to learn how to improve, to find new connections, to find new contacts, to discover the infinite worlds that music production allow us to explore and to learn how to keep myself in line with the always-evolving market.

I’ve been studying and learning for years and still I am, as life never stops to teach you something. Day after day I’ve found myself involved in more and more collaborations.

Besides being a singer, I am a pianoist/keyboard player, a bass player and a decent guitar player and my discography counts hundreds of songs that I’ve been writing for my projects and for others.

The Groove Factory Studio
opened its doors in 2010 after my previous ‘home studio’ became way too little to manage the productions I’ve been following.

Everything evolves.

I’ve been working with hundreds of bands and artists, with some of the most important metal (and-not-only) labels from all around the world, and I am always ready to start new collaborations.

For my studio works I proudly endorse Shure Microphones, IK Multimedia plug-ins and Ibanez instruments.