We have the power in our hands to go on our own adventures, to face the perils and defeat. We have the confidence to take risks, to trust the universe, to demand and to let go. We don’t remain in our comfort zone. Each challenge makes us stronger, each mistake helps us learn. We always move forward, we go harder, stronger, we do better. Every time. The power is ours, to rule our lives and fate, to choose the best for ourselves.

Visions of Atlantis have set their creative sails higher than ever! The maritime discovery journey of the symphonic metal quintett featuring exceptional singer Clémentine Delauney is brilliantly linked to their globally successful 2022 masterpiece “Pirates”. “Pirates” has everything, is everything and therefore can do everything. Whether epic, romantic, mysterious, dark, powerful, emotional, intimate, passionate, exotic, melodic or poetic – these fantastic songs are and always will be unforgettable. The deeply touching male-female vocal duets of Delauney and Michele Guaitoli captivate. You can easily hear it from every note played and sung: Visions of Atlantis feel completely free and give their art a correspondingly wild pulse. But in everything, the heart of the band is just as free and open as when they discover and learn, ultimately becoming an even greater self.


Temperance is where exceptional vocal melodies, energetic Metal guitar riffing and symphonic atmospheres meet in perfect harmony. Led by a unique vocal triad, Temperance manages to unite heaviness with an impressive level of catchy melodies that will make you want to push the repeat button instantly. 

Different from most Symphonic Metal bands, Temperance brings together no less than three vocalists, all adding their own style and flavor to the ensemble. The combination of Kristin Starkey’s chameleonic voice, the strong timbre of Michele Guaitoli and the rough vocals of mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino, make Temperance stand out completely. With Millions of Youtube views, hymns as ‘The Last Hope In A World Of Hopes’ or ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ seem to prove that point. 
After building up with 6 albums released since 2014, Temperance has now established itself as one of the most relevant Modern-Symphonic metal acts on the scene, after the release of the latest album, ‘Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Part II’, out now via Napalm Records.


Music has this power to transport its listener to another dimension, although it is unlikely for such power to be released with as such strength as the albums of ERA bring about.

An imaginary language carried by a fascinating and timeless music enabled Eric Levi to deliver a fascinating work that touched the very heart and soul of millions of people around the world.

Indeed, the albums «ERA», «ERA 2», «The Mass », «Reborn», «ERA Classics», «ERA Classics 2» and«The 7th Sord» sold over 12 million copies andearned multi platinum certifications in more than 18 countries.

Through his European ERA live show Eric Levi demonstrates his will to free himself from every musical boundary and thereby keeps us delightfully surprised.

« As a rule, I try never to follow the musical frameworks imposed by times and cultures, I am always looking for strong emotions through the process of writing music, for ERA it is as if i was writing the soundtrack of a great epic movie that has not been conceived yet » says Eric Levi.