The Live Experience


Music has this power to transport its listener to another dimension, although it is unlikely for such power to be released with as such strength as the albums of ERA bring about.

An imaginary language carried by a fascinating and timeless music enabled Eric Levi to deliver a fascinating work that touched the very heart and soul of millions of people around the world.

Indeed, the albums «ERA», «ERA 2», «The Mass », «Reborn», «ERA Classics», «ERA Classics 2» and «The 7th Sord» sold over 12 million copies andearned multi platinum certifications in more than 18 countries.

Through his European ERA live show Eric Levi demonstrates his will to free himself from every musical boundary and thereby keeps us delightfully surprised.

« As a rule, I try never to follow the musical frameworks imposed by times and cultures, I am always looking for strong emotions through the process of writing music, for ERA it is as if i was writing the soundtrack of a great epic movie that has not been conceived yet » says Eric Levi