Vocalist for Visions of AtlantisTemperance and ERA.
Songwriter, lyricist, endorser for ShureMackieIbanezVocalzonePsylo Clothing and IK Multimedia

Born on April 12th, 1985, Michele embarked on his musical journey from a young age, beginning piano lessons at the age of 7. He pursued formal education in modern and jazz singing, musical theory, and harmony, alongside university courses in acoustics, psychoacoustics, digital signal processing, computer science, and musical history.

In 2003, Michele ventured into the music business with his prog-metal project, Overtures. Over the years, he gained diverse experiences with various acts before joining symphonic-metal bands Temperance ( and Visions of Atlantis ( in 2018, and the new age project ERA ( in 2019.

With a wealth of concerts under his belt, Michele has toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, and South America, gracing major metal festivals worldwide.

Renowned for his versatile voice capable of expressing a myriad of emotions, Michele emerged as the main songwriter for Visions of Atlantis. The band’s latest album, “Pirates,” soared to the top 20 of the German Charts and achieved chart success in the US, Canada, England, Austria, and several other countries. Michele‘s composition “A Life of Our Own” earned the band a Gold record for sales in the Czech Republic.

Aside from his duties as a singer on stage, Michele has also been teaching vocals for several years. In 2010, he launched his recording studio where, over the years, he produced, mixed, and mastered dozens of bands across different styles and genres.

The progression of his musical career eventually led him to discontinue both his teaching and engineering activities, allowing him to fully focus on his own projects.

Michele has collaborated with esteemed labels such as Napalm Records, Warner, Sony, Universal, Limb, Scarlet Records and more. He has worked with artists from across the globe, primarily in the rock/hard rock and heavy metal genres. Michele is an enthusiast of sports, technology, role-playing, and movies/TV series. During his school years, he was a dedicated water polo player. He takes pride in his love for Italian cuisine and coffee.